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ReaMetrix Inc.
2385 Bering Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone : +1 650 620 9253
Fax : +1 650 620 0093


Founder & CEO

Bala S. Manian

Dr. Manian has been a distinguished contributor to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial community for the last three decades. At present Dr. Manian is focused on ReaMetrix, which he founded in May of 2003. ReaMetrix is committed to becoming the leading provider of easy-to-use assay solutions that increase reliability and consistency, expand the capabilities of proprietary technology platforms, increase the experimental efficiency and at the same time bring affordable solutions to address needs in India and other developing nations. Dr. Manian is a co-founder and director of Quantum Dot Corporation, and a co-founder of SurroMed Corporation, both of which are privately held. He was the founder and Chairman of Biometric Imaging, Inc. which was acquired by Becton Dickinson in February 1999. Prior to founding Biometric Imaging, Inc., Dr. Manian founded both Lumisys and Molecular Dynamics in June 1987 and was their founder chairman and CTO. Lumisys went public in 1995 and later was acquired by Eastman Kodak in December of 2000. Molecular Dynamics went public in 1993, and subsequently was acquired by Amersham in 1998. Dr. Manian founded Digital Optics Corporation in 1980, an optical instrumentation and systems development Company that was acquired by the publicly traded Matrix Corporation in 1984.

Research & Developement

Steve Kunitake

Steve has been a member of the research and development team at ReaMetrix since 2004. From 1998-2003, Steve was director of life science at Arcturus Bioscience, where he developed Arcturus’ “Platform for microgenomics,” a reagent system preparing microdissected samples for expression analysis. Steve was a senior scientist at Biometric Imaging from 1994-1998, while it was developing a number of cell based assays for the IMAGN system. Prior to that, Steve served as a research scientist in the Atherosclerosis group at the University of California, San Francisco. Steve Kunitake received his Ph. D. in Biochemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Research & Developement

Zaki N Manian

Zaki leads the software development and overall system integration of ReaMetrix's instrument platforms. Zaki has been working with ReaMetrix since 2007 on both internal software systems and instrument design. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 2005 with a BA degree in the History and Sociology of Science. He is a software developement autodidact whose interests include embedded systems, image analysis and functional programming.

About RMX

ReaMetrix, Inc. is a next generation biotechnology company. ReaMetrix's primary operations center is in San Jose California. ReaMetrix is developing next generation biological detection platform, assays and diagnostics.

The Immedia
Diagnostics Platform

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Technology attributes

  • Compact
  • Multiformat
  • Multiplexed
  • Multispectral

Application Domains

  • Life Science R&D
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Envionment Testing